Vlogs were new and unfamiliar to me when I first started following one, a little over two years ago. I came across Eight Miles From Home, an almost-daily video diary made by a young English expat couple living in Portugal.

My youtube viewing experience up to that point had consisted primarily of travel videos. Some were slickly produced, like those made by Expedia, or Rick Steves, and some were less so. I was a fan of Kees Colijn’s videos in which he simply turns on a camera and walks, or bikes, around a city for an hour or so. He has made videos in many places, but it was his native Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, that I was interested in seeing. In true Amsterdam fashion, he shows no fear of getting hit, or running into, cars or bikes.

In the months leading up my trip to Europe in 2016 I watched his videos frequently, whetting my appetite for my travel to come. After my trip, watching one of his walks in Amsterdam, I realized that he was walking through the neighborhood, and within a block, of the apartment I had stayed in. I found this very exciting.

After watching one of my travel videos, youtube had some recommendations for other things I might be interested in, including Eight Miles From Home. I started watching it regularly. The videos are well shot and edited, some of the best I have seen in terms of photography and especially pacing. I find the hosts thoughtful, insightful, and engaging. Jmayel and Sacha seemed basically to be quiet introverts, who found personal value in forcing their personalities outward to do their vlogs, and to live the lives they have wanted.

The image above is a recent drawing of a hinge, and part of a doorway leading to another door. I thought this drawing seemed relevant to the way vlogs cover the small details of their makers' everyday lives. My sketchbook wasn't with me, so I had to draw in my lined notebook intended for verbal notes. 


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